Win 1000 Gumballs – Moosejaw Word Find (Standout Email)

Win 1000 Gumballs – Moosejaw Word Find (Standout Email)

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Sender: Moosejaw
Sent on: December 30, 2013
Subject Line: Win 1000 Gumballs – Moosejaw Word Find

Why it’s a standout email:
What’s not to love about gumballs? They’re sweet, colorful, chewy and altogether delightful, so imagine being able to win a thousand of them!  Okay, so this is a bit of a random sweepstakes concept, and yet it’s so cute and playful (even in the manner of entry into the sweepstakes itself), that it’s pretty irresistible, especially coming from a quirky brand like Moosejaw which is renowned for its fun marketing campaigns.

But this email is more than just cute. For one thing, it’s engaging just by virtue of posing a challenge in the form of a game inside the email itself. Also, in addition to the possibility of winning the drool-worthy reward of a thousand gumballs, 500 Moosejaw “reward points” are also on offer (reward points translate into actual money that can be used towards purchases, which is a proven loyalty-boosting tactic).

There’s also a social element in this campaign, with the winner to be announced on Moosejaw’s Facebook page, which is of course a gentle ‘nudge’ for email subscribers who are not yet Facebook fans to go ahead and “Like” Moosejaw if they want a chance at winning those gumballs and reward points.

Then, and only then, comes the sales pitch for the current clearance promotion. It’s a subtle pitch, but after all the fun and lure of delicious gumballs, clicking on the clearance links feels almost like a natural continuation of the email’s other activities.

Fun, clever, memorable, and most of all a blessedly “different” way to kill two birds with one stone (promoting a clearance sale and endearing the brand to its email subscribers).

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