Sephora: The making of an eye-con… (Standout Subject Line)

Sephora: The making of an eye-con… (Standout Subject Line)

By | February 10th, 2014 | |

Sender: Sephora
Sent on: September 6, 2013
Subject Line: The making of an eye-con…

Why it’s a standout subject line:
The play on words using the word “eye” instead of the letter “i” to spell “icon” already hints that the subject of the email has something to do with eye makeup, but combined with the promise of seeing how this “eye-con” is made increases the curiosity factor even more.

When you open the email you’re greeted by the primary hook of the email – a new collection of eye shadow palettes from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line, Marc Jacobs of course being a fashion icon himself. And as promised, there’s a link to a post in The Sephora Glossy (that’s what Sephora call their blog) all about the making of the Marc Jacobs Beauty line, which is a great way to get subscribers excited about the product.

It’s also a brilliant way to share custom content created by Sephora’s marketing team. It’s so refreshing when marketers don’t just show you pictures of products and hope that’s enough to inspire you to buy them, but actually endeavor to engage you by telling you about the products, what goes in to making them, how to use them, etc. It’s no wonder that content marketing and email marketing are such good friends.

The email is actually full of other Sephora “timeless classics” portrayed as “iconic” in their own right (in keeping with the “eye-con” theme), but in a clever move, the subject line doesn’t cram all of these products into what would have surely been a long, convoluted teaser, instead focusing on a single but captivating ‘hook’ to tempt subscribers to open it.