Saturday Welcome Email

Saturday Welcome Email

By | December 3rd, 2013 | |

Sender: Kate Spade Saturday
Sent on: July 20, 2013
Subject Line: Your account has been created! Ready for some perks?

What’s nice about this Welcome Email:
1) The first great thing of note is the subject line. Rather than use the typical ‘Welcome’ greeting, the team at Saturday have chosen to remind the subscriber that the process they completed at – which was to create an account – has been completed successfully, and that as a result she is now entitled to some perks. A very effective way to practically guarantee an open, since as a member of something new that offers perks, who wouldn’t want to learn more about what those perks are?

2) Casual, conversational copy that’s representative of the brand’s persona and lists the perks alluded to in the subject line as promised.

3) A navigation bar and “Shop” call-to-action that encourages the subscriber to click though back to the site and explore further.

4) The design is based on a main yellow color-block (yellow being the color most associated with the brand) with copy elements and accompanying illustrations, which is consistent with Saturday’s email design.

I would have liked a “View in browser” option, an “unsubscribe” link and a reference to presence on social networks but all in all it’s a cute email.