Moosejaw: Make-Up or Break-Up (Standout Email)

Moosejaw: Make-Up or Break-Up (Standout Email)

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Sender: Moosejaw
Sent on: February 10, 2014
Subject Line: Break-Up or Make-Up

Why it’s a standout email:
If you haven’t heard of Moosejaw yet, here’s a quick summary: They may sell outdoor stuff (clothing, camping gear, outdoor sports gear, etc.) but they have so much personality, that to their fans, it doesn’t even matter what they sell. Whatever it is, they know it’s going to be super-fun just hearing from Moosejaw.

Moosejaw is one of those rare brands that endear themselves through truly hilarious copy and quirky marketing campaigns. As a newsletter subscriber, you know you’re in for some fun from the very first email you ever receive from Moosejaw (check out their Welcome Email). Sometimes, the ‘funny’ in Moosejaw emails is to be found in the often overlooked little details (note the “How’s my hair?” link in this featured email, in between “Send to a friend” and “Find a shop”), making Moosejaw emails a top-to-bottom must-read if you’re an avid fan.

Moosejaw is a serious brand that works hard at not taking itself too seriously, which is a major part of its charm. The tagline on many of their marketing materials is a variation of “Check us out. Or don’t.” but it is precisely this “pretend” nonchalance that makes it so funny and so endearing.

Although this year’s Valentine’s Day season saw some creative standouts, most of the email campaigns resembled one another both in concept and execution.

But not Moosejaw. Sure, they had some products to plug just like all of the other retailers, but their Valentine’s Day campaign was primarily about having a bit of fun during a ‘holiday’ period that can sometimes seem a little sickening with over-the-top romance.

In this featured email sent just a few days before Valentine’s Day, Moosejaw encouraged subscribers to let them (Moosejaw) contact their partner on their behalf to confirm either their affection or the absence of it, via fax (for the benefit of readers who forgot what a ‘fax’ is, let’s just say that it’s even more dead then email is claimed to be every other week).

The email is hilarious, and the hilarity continues on the campaign landing page. The copy is of course brilliant, as one who is already familiar with Moosejaw marketing shenanigans might expect, even providing samples of the two possible faxes that might be sent on the subscriber’s behalf to their partners should they be so inclined.

Whether subscribers took Moosejaw up on their offer or not, the fun and laughter around the hilarity of the concept was inevitable, making this one of the more memorable email campaigns of this year’s Valentine’s Day season.

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