Moosejaw: Easiest $10 Ever (Standout Email)

Moosejaw: Easiest $10 Ever (Standout Email)

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Sender: Moosejaw
Sent on: January 6, 2014
Subject Line: Easiest $10 Ever

Why it’s a standout email:
I’m a huge fan of Moosejaw marketing, as you’d already know if you’ve read my overviews of some of the other Moosejaw emails featured in the Inspiration Gallery like this one (“Make-Up or Break-Up”) and this one (“Win 1000 Gumballs – Moosejaw Word Find”), in which I gush over Moosejaw’s “pretend” efforts to appear indifferent to whether their fans choose to engage with the brand or not. Clearly they do want this engagement to occur, which is why their over-the-top indifference is so endearing.

This featured email encouraging subscribers to participate in a survey is yet another great example. If you’re a marketer, then you know that there is nothing trivial about customer surveys and that the potential data that can be gleaned from such surveys can be downright invaluable. When you create such a survey, you hope and pray that as many people will participate in it as possible.

Moosejaw have done a few clever things in this email. For starters, they are offering a $10 reward for participating. Not a draw to potentially win $10, but 10 actual dollars off any item over $25 just for taking the survey (hence the subject line “Easiest $10 ever”, because it really is). The terms of the competition are clearly outlined right there in the footer in concise layman’s terms rather than dauntingly lengthy, sleep-inducing legalese.

Secondly, the copy is Moosejaw perfection, thoroughly hilarious and wonderfully nonchalant. You literally can’t help laughing (like I did) or at the very least smiling (which is not bad either) at their obviously bogus indifference.

Thirdly, although the primary aim of the email is to promote the survey, Moosejaw don’t miss the opportunity to include a couple of other important promotions for a 50% clearance and the chance to get a free iPhone case, albeit in a way that doesn’t detract from the focus on the primary promotion. There’s also a not so subtle call-to-action to follow Moosejaw on Facebook, because why the hell not.

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