Michaels Welcome Email

Michaels Welcome Email

By | December 7th, 2013 | |

Sender: Michaels
Sent on: July 27, 2013
Subject Line: Welcome to a more creative inbox

What’s great about this Welcome Email:
As far as Welcome Emails go, this one nails just about every requirement and is extremely well thought out.

1) The subject line is brilliant. Being an arts & crafts retailer (“and much more”) with the slogan “Where Creativity Happens”, Michaels isn’t just welcoming the subscriber to their email program but suggesting that by virtue of having subscribed to their newsletter, they have raised the overall ‘creative’ level of their inbox. This is further reinforced in the email’s headline “Inspiration delivered to your inbox”, which is a nice touch that would resonate with creative types.

2) There are links to both “View in browser” and “view on mobile” versions, as well as a call-to-action to download the Michaels App “for creativity and coupons on the go” (nice!)

3) Visually – the email is well-branded with a prominent logo and features a “warm & fuzzy” image that conveys the joy of arts & crafts to get you in a creative mood.

4) The email program’s benefits are listed with enthusiasm and clarity.

5) There’s a prominent call-to-action to engage with the brand on social networks.

6) Michaels haven’t forgotten to say ‘Thank You’ for subscribing in the first place and even offer “40% off one regular price item” just for signing up.

7) All the main best practices including a reminder to whilelist are covered.