Kate Spade: Something Old, Something New (Standout Email)

Kate Spade: Something Old, Something New (Standout Email)

By | December 20th, 2013 | , |

Sender: Kate Spade
Sent on: September 3, 2013
Subject Line: something old, something new…

Why it’s a standout email:
The purpose of this email is to promote Kate Spade’s bridal jewelry collection, so it’s refreshing to see that the subject line alludes to something bridal without mentioning the word ‘bridal’, ‘bride’ or ‘jewelry’ at all (that would have been the obvious and far more boring way to go).

There’s also nice use of preheader copy, which together with the subject line forms a little rhyme: “… a little something shiny, too” and continues with a glimpse into the content of the email: “our charming bridal collection of wedding topper-inspired extras takes the cake (any way you slice it).”

The email is light on copy (which is effective in this particular instance) and features a cute animated GIF, making this an altogether charming email to behold.