Jeanswest: Our fave, the Boyfriend Jeans (Standout Email)

Jeanswest: Our fave, the Boyfriend Jeans (Standout Email)

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Sender: Jeanswest
Sent on: October 7, 2013
Subject Line: Noya, check out our fave fashion trend: Boyfriend Jeans

Why it’s a standout email:
There are quite a few things going for this email from Jeanswest, an Australian fashion brand catering for the young, hip and price-conscious customer (both men and women).

Firstly, the subject line is personalized (nice). The language is casual, just as the typical Jeanswest customer and subscriber would expect it to be. It announces a trend that’s not only new, but being prioritized as a favorite, upping the curiosity factor exponentially. And finally, it’s a trend that involves jeans, which is arguably one item that the young and hip would consider important to keep current and fashionable. In short, it’s a subject line that packs a punch.

The email has the look & feel of a magazine spread (which is also a fun touch considering the target audience) featuring photos of the jeans as worn by a selection of celebrities, an endorsement of the trend by one of Australia’s leading fashion stylists, and photos of suggested tops and accessories strewn throughout the email to help you complete the hip “boyfriend jeans” look. It’s a nice example of not only introducing a new fashion trend but also showing you how to wear it.