Jawbone: Introducing DataArt (Standout Email)

Jawbone: Introducing DataArt (Standout Email)

By | December 20th, 2013 | |

Sender: Jawbone
Sent on: October 24, 2013
Subject Line: Introducing DataArt, Powered by UP

Why it’s a standout email:
Jawbone is a company that develops “human-centered wearable technology” and audio devices with a reputation for pretty cool design. This email was sent to introduce “DataArt” which is essentially a collection of Infographics and other bits and pieces illustrated by visual artist Shantell Martin, based on data collected from the UP system.

UP is a wristband that plugs into your phone and an app that tracks how you sleep, move and eat, then helps you use that information to feel your best: “UP provides unique insights to help you live each day better than the last.”

If you’re a fan of wearable technology and a Jawbone subscriber, chances are that the subject line of this email announcing the “introduction” of something, would result in an open, especially with the accompanying preheader copy which adds to the pre-open hype: “A collaboration between data, art and storytelling. Revealing sleep secrets, powered by the UP® system.”

Any time that copy (especially in relation to subject lines, preheaders or headlines) alludes to a revelation of secrets, the reader’s curiosity is amplified, because let’s face it, who can resist the revelation of a juicy secret?

In this particular email, we already know before opening it that the secrets have something to do with sleep, and our expectations are confirmed when we open the email and see a quirky inforgraphic with a headline that’s guaranteed to wake you right up: “Men sleep naked, women sleep in socks”.

Delving into the stats in the graphic we then learn all sorts of interesting, random or funny tidbits on the differences in sleeping habits between men and women. Interestingly, the email only devotes a relatively small amount of real estate at the bottom to linking back to the Jawbone website. Most of the email links to Jawbone’s Tumblr blog which houses a wider selection of UP-related DataArt, reinforcing the primary purpose of this entertaining email.