Janie and Jack: Come Read With Us (Standout Email)

Janie and Jack: Come Read With Us (Standout Email)

By | December 20th, 2013 | , |

Sender: Janie and Jack
Sent on: October 1, 2013
Subject Line: Thursday Only – Come Read With Us In Janie and Jack Shops

Why it’s a standout email:
Janie and Jack is a clothing label that offers “distinctive, finely crafted clothing and accessories for little ones”, but this email isn’t promoting apparel at all, it’s promoting a “storytime” session at local Janie & Jack shops with the primary message being “Join the fun and put children’s literacy first”.

This is effective brand-building in action, because in addition to sending emails that are about the clothing, this email demonstrates that Janie and Jack truly care about “little ones” and their development.

Just the fact that Janie and Jack promote their involvement in activities and initiatives that have the welfare of kids at heart paints them as more than just clothing retailers but as experts in “what’s good for kids”. So when it’s time to go shopping for clothes for the little ones again, parents will think of Janie and Jack as “the fine clothing retailers that care about what’s best for kids”, positioning them at the front of the children’s-clothing retailer pack. When a brand demonstrates that it stands for something that its customers appreciate, it pays dividends come shopping time.