Get #AerieREAL Email Campaign (Standout Email)

Get #AerieREAL Email Campaign (Standout Email)

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Sender: Aerie
Campaign: Get #AerieREAL
Subject Line:

  • Time To Get #AerieREAL! (Sent on January 18, 2014)
  • Get To Know #AerieREAL! (Sent on January 22, 2014)
  • Share The Love! Get #AerieREAL (Sent on January 23, 2014)

Why this is a standout email campaign:
American Eagle’s Aerie label launched its #AerieREAL campaign in January 2014, vowing to “get real” by stopping the use of supermodels and photo retouching in their ad campaigns.

The campaign strives to promote the notion that every girl should feel good about who she is and what she looks like, “inside and out”, so in the spirit of getting “real” Aerie have declared that “there is no reason to retouch beauty” and that “the real you is sexy”.

This is a bold concept, especially for a brand mostly known for its lingerie, but it also carries massive appeal because the vast majority of women don’t look like supermodels and would therefore find ‘average-sized’ models a lot more relatable, especially if they know that no imperfection has been digitally retouched in the ads, just as no imperfection can be retouched in real life (except maybe with makeup). By using “real” women in their ad campaigns, Aerie stands to score serious brownie points with their target audience.

The campaign was launched across several media channels and included a social element with Aerie encouraging customers and fans to “show off their own #AerieREAL” by using the campaign hashtag when sharing photos of themselves clad in Aerie gear on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The campaign was extended of course to Aerie’s email channel as well. This series of featured emails was designed to raise awareness, boost sales and encourage social engagement around #AerieREAL, and it did it beautifully, using compelling subject lines, inspiring copy and beautiful, highly shareable imagery accompanied with prominent social sharing buttons.

A great example of using email as key component of a multi-channel marketing campaign.