Firebox: Worldwide First – Space Invaders Alien Lamp (Standout Subject Line)

Firebox: Worldwide First – Space Invaders Alien Lamp (Standout Subject Line)

By | February 12th, 2014 | |

Sender: Firebox
Sent on: September 28, 2013
Subject Line: WORLDWIDE FIRST: Space Invaders Alien Lamp

Why it’s a standout subject line:
Any time you can truly claim something as a “worldwide first”, you’d be a fool not to use it in a subject line, headline or anywhere else, because it makes whatever it is you’re announcing so deliciously newsworthy.

In this subject line, it’s totally hilarious, because the thing that’s being announced is not about finding a cure for a terrible disease, or reaching peace in a war-torn region, or discovering a technological breakthrough that will make life better for all of mankind. It’s about a Space Invaders Alien Lamp.

Now, if you’re a Space Invaders fan, the fact that there is finally a lamp that captures the essence of Space Invaders may well be earth-shatteringly exciting news (and if you are such a fan then you’re probably scratching your head right now wondering why this subject line is considered even remotely “funny”), but for the rest of us, the “drama” of the subject line’s prelude (in capital letters, no less) followed by the randomness of the announcement that follows, makes for a pretty good giggle. Nice one Firebox! And it is indeed a lovely Space Invaders Alien Lamp. I know where to go now if I ever need one 😉