Fast Company: The Truth About The 30-Hour Work Week (Standout Subject Line)

Fast Company: The Truth About The 30-Hour Work Week (Standout Subject Line)

By | February 10th, 2014 | |

Sender: Fast Company Weekly
Sent on: January 11, 2014
Subject Line: The Truth About The 30-Hour Work Week

Why it’s a standout subject line:
Although the notion that there is such a thing as a 30-hour work week is cryptic enough to inspire an “open” for this email anyway, it’s actually the tactic of using a single captivating “thought” in the subject line that makes it a standout.

Fast Company newsletters typically contain about six article teasers, comprised of a truly awesome graphic (Fast Company are famous for them) and a brilliantly written headline (they’re famous for those too), so it must be a rather difficult task to choose just one story as the main feature out of such an interesting and often quirky selection.

The point is, however, that as alluring as each article is in its own right, when it comes to packaging the newsletter’s entire content in the subject line, the email team at Fast Company know that cramming too many “thoughts” into a space as cramped and limited as the one reserved for subject lines, could be daunting to read, especially when half of it is cut off if it’s too long. Instead, it’s much more effective showcasing just one captivating “thought” in a way that makes it irresistible for the reader to open the email and see what it’s all about.