Etsy: The Great Indoors (Standout Subject Line)

Etsy: The Great Indoors (Standout Subject Line)

By | February 12th, 2014 | |

Sender: Etsy
Sent on: February 8, 2014
Subject Line: The Great Indoors


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  • Color Therapy (Sent on January 21, 2014)
  • Summer Down Under (Sent on January 26, 2014)
  • Two Week’s Notice (Sent on January 31, 2014)

Why these are standout subject lines:
Etsy is “a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods”. The Etsy Finds newsletter follows a consistent layout and design in every edition, which is basically an image-based curated list of trending items available for purchase on the Etsy site. The newsletter is mostly visual, with little or no copy except for sub-headlines and clickable image labels that link to the relevant pages in the site.

What makes Etsy’s newsletters a little different is that each edition is themed, and you can usually guess the theme is from the subject line and the accompanying preheader (which is great because it too encapsulates the purpose of the newsletter even before it’s opened).

If you browse through our Inspiration Gallery’s Subject Lines category you’ll notice that there are quite a few Etsy examples, and that’s because they’ve pretty much mastered the whole subject line thing. They don’t just spell out the theme, they do it creatively, in a way that makes you want to first guess what the newsletter is about and then open it to see if your hunch was correct. Well at least that’s what I like to do…

The content of Etsy’s newsletters always lives up to the theme indicated in the subject lines so Etsy’s email team have also mastered the “trustworthiness” thing. Also, the fact that there is such a huge variety of cool items for sale on gives the curators of the content a great deal to work with, so it seems that there is never a shortage of newsletter themes to choose from, and since the visuals are consistently beautiful or interesting, I often find myself opening their emails even if I’m not necessarily in “shopping mode” just to check out the pretty pictures and enjoy the cleverly written headlines.