Bonds: Which undies are you? (Standout Email)

Bonds: Which undies are you? (Standout Email)

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Sender: Bonds
Sent on: September 3, 2013
Subject Line: Which undies are you?

Why it’s a standout email:
For the benefit of anyone who isn’t familiar with the word “undies”, it’s actually Australian slang for “underwear”. Bonds is an iconic Aussie underwear brand renowned for its colorful and comfortable underwear, so the notion alluded to in the subject line that I belong to a category of people based on what type of undies I choose for myself is immediately intriguing.

Bonds have been known to use edgy ad campaigns and have no qualms about showing relevant body bits boldly modeling the groovy underwear, but always tastefully and sometimes even hilariously. The brand projects “fun” and “comfort” and thanks to the massive range of colors and designs, “undies” are the sort of item you could buy over and over again because there are always cool new colors, patterns and designs to choose from, making it difficult to resist building up your very own Bonds undies collection at home.

The purpose of this email is to help you choose a pair of Bonds undies that’s “the perfect fit for you”, and it does it using a flowchart that includes statements about different types of undies and suggests relevant undies styles along the way that you should theoretically find appealing based on how you identify with each statement. It’s a clever way to point out which styles might be right for you based on your personal preferences (hence “which undies are you?”). An original and nicely executed idea.