Billabong: Saving Millions Of Bottles From Our Oceans & Landfill (Standout Email)

Billabong: Saving Millions Of Bottles From Our Oceans & Landfill (Standout Email)

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Sender: Billabong
Sent on: January 6, 2014
Subject Line: Saving Millions Of Bottles From Our Oceans & Landfill

Why it’s a standout email:
This email is clever on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start the praise but I’ll give it a shot (by the way, I’m not “in to” boardsports or surfing at all but I am a HUGE fan of the billabong brand, largely due to the phenomenal marketing around it).

A quick history of the brand: Billabong was founded on Australia’s Gold Coast in 1973 by a surfing enthusiast, and although it has grown from humble beginnings into a publicly listed company whose products are licensed and distributed in more than 100 countries, it has still maintained the “surfer spirit” that’s at the core of its brand.

This is a brand that really knows its audience and understands what makes them tick, talking to fans in a vernacular that they can relate to about things that interest them. Billabong isn’t just about the products, it also stands for a way of life and a genuine passion for boardsports that is demonstrated by associating with high profile professional athletes and events that advocate those sports.

This standout email is yet another example of Billabong’s commitment to something that the brand stands for: the preservation of oceans, without which surfing would be impossible to enjoy to the extent that Billabong’s surf-going fans do.

Not only have Billabong actively done something to help save millions of plastic bottles from oceans and landfill, as this awareness campaign points out, but they have turned an environmental ‘evil’ into a positive, by using recycled material to produce the super-cool “recycler boardshorts”.

So yes, this is an email that aims to sell recycler boardshorts, but it doesn’t do it the “typical” way by showing a collection of the boardshorts accompanied by a big “shop now” button. Instead, it tells the story behind how these boardshorts came to be so that you understand that in buying them you’re not just buying a cool pair of boardshorts, you’re also contributing – along with Billabong – to the preservation of our oceans, which is a particularly compelling sales pitch considering the email’s target audience. The “Shop Recycler Shorts” button couldn’t be more subtle, displayed in a way that puts the focus on the story and not on the sales pitch.

The cleverness of the email continues with the free download offer of Billabong’s “best of summer pics” wallpaper. What better way is there to stay top-of-mind than to be featured (gloriously) on their fans’ computer screens?

Also worth noting is the email’s compelling subject line and preheader which is personalized, concise and to the point. A true standout email.

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