Billabong: Californian Camper Van Adventures (Standout Email)

Billabong: Californian Camper Van Adventures (Standout Email)

By | December 20th, 2013 | , |

Sender: Billabong (Men’s)
Sent on: September 30, 2013
Subject Line: Californian Camper Van Adventures? Yeah Dude

Why it’s a standout email:
Billabong was founded on Australia’s Gold Coast in 1973 by a surfing enthusiast, and although it has grown from humble beginnings into a publicly listed company whose products are licensed and distributed in more than 100 countries, it has still maintained the “surfer spirit” that’s at the core of its brand.

This is a brand that really knows its audience and understands what makes them tick, talking to them in a vernacular that they can relate to about things that interest them. Billabong isn’t just about the products, it also stands for a way of life and genuine passion for boardsports that they advocate by associating with high profile professional athletes and events.

This email demonstrates that it isn’t necessary to always be pushing products front and center, because if the marketing messaging is consistent over time and the brand can be instantly associated with the very thing it claims to stand for, as Billabong have managed to do for 40 years, then it virtually goes without saying that if you need any boardsports-related apparel and accessories, Billabong is where you’d go to get it. In order to achieve this kind of natural association between a brand and its products, as an email marketer, you sometimes have to offer content whose sole function is to remind subscribers what you’re about, and not what you’re trying to sell.

You might think by looking at this email that it’s about the Californian camper van adventures of surfer Creed McTaggart while working on his“Yeah Dude” project, but really it’s about interesting you in some boardshorts. The subtle call-to-action “Get some Boardies” is placed so far down in the email that the only other thing below it is the footer, but then again it’s not supposed to be the focus. The primary aim of the email is to engage subscribers using subject matter that’s both interesting to them and important for Billabong to share. If the subscribers are truly engaged, exploring the products will feel like a natural part of the email experience and not like an obvious coercion to buy something. Subtle and clever marketing.

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