About Me

I’m Noya, self-confessed newsletter nut. I have been an email marketer for a while, long before the power of email as a marketing channel was properly understood, let alone valued as it is today.

In fact, if I only had a dollar for every time I read an “Email is dead” article over the past decade, I’d be sipping Goût de Diamants in a bathtub full of $100 bills right now (with plenty more tucked safely away in a VIP bank account). How stupid must all those people who wrote those articles feel now that email marketing is so widely acknowledged as one of the most effective marketing channels, and becoming even more sophisticated in its capabilities with every passing year?

I’ve enjoyed a long and varied career in Advertising, Publishing, Sales and Marketing. My expertise has evolved over more than a decade along with the evolution of email itself and encompasses pretty much all aspects of email marketing.

Since 2006, I have run email marketing programs using both enterprise-level platforms as well as “one-man show” ESPs, and I’ve worked with great brands whose mailing lists range from over a million subscribers to just a few hundred.

To this day, I’m the only person I know who appreciates the work that goes into creating great marketing emails so much, I subscribe to newsletters as a hobby (hence “newsletter nut”).

I created this website back in 2014, but I have since moved on to other things so this website is in a sort of hibernation mode, although I still sometimes update the Inspiration Gallery if my schedule allows. My new (and current) home on the web is at noyalizor.com and I would love for you to check it out.

About The Best of Email

There is already a wealth of information about Email Marketing and many experts in the field with blogs of their own who are certainly relevant to reference here in the interest of bringing you the best of email insights from around the web.

But sometimes, in addition to reading about email strategy, it’s also useful to see examples of good email marketing in action, which is something that I found lacking over the years as an email marketer.

It would have been nice to have a resource that allowed me to access lots and lots of standout emails both as a way of keeping up with the latest email best-practices and trends, and also for some inspiration that I could harness towards my own email programs.

But who could be bothered subscribing to hundreds of newsletters and filtering through them in order to handpick standout examples of email content, design, subject lines, segmentation, creativity and clever marketing? The team at The Best of Email, that’s who.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find here: An Inspiration Gallery full of real examples demonstrating great email marketing in action. There are no fancy-shmancy algorithms here, robotically selecting loads of newsletters from all over the place and displaying them without any rhyme or reason.

At The Best of Email (a.k.a. TBOE), all the emails are hand-picked because they each demonstrate specific aspects of email marketing that are done really well and deserve to be celebrated.

With that said, I’m delighted to introduce the dedicated team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you TBOE.

The Team

OK, you got me. It’s just Me, Myself and I (for now).

<strong>Me: Chief Writer & Editor</strong>
Me: Chief Writer & Editor
I have a lot to say about email marketing. Sometimes I also find what other people have to say about email marketing interesting too. And sometimes I have things to say about other types of marketing and about technological developments that affect how we communicate and share content in a world that’s constantly trying to figure out how to deal with information overload. So I write, curate, and edit stuff. For you.
<strong>Myself: Inspiration Gallery Manager</strong>
Myself: Inspiration Gallery Manager
Would you believe that I subscribe to hundreds of newsletters? I’ve developed an ingenious, James Bond-ish way of sifting through all of them super-efficiently in order to spot the “diamonds in the rough” and feature them here at The Best of Email’s Inspiration Gallery. Curious to know how I do it? Stick around and maybe one day I’ll tell 😉
<strong>I: Head of Marketing & Everything Else</strong>
I: Head of Marketing & Everything Else
I think that title says it all.